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• Property Condition Assessment (PCA)

• New York Local Law 11/98 Inspections

• Environmental Site Assessments, Phase One (ESA)

• Disabled or ADA Access Analysis

• Building Code Compliance

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Guardian National Building Inspection Company

Guardian National Home Inspection & Warranty Corp. was founded in 1974 by Donald A. Doddridge, specializing in residential and commercial building inspections. The company was eventually responsible for thousands of residential and commercial building inspections throughout the Northeast.

Today, Guardian National Building Inspection Co. is run by Donald's son David and a TEAM (Technical Expertise And Management) of highly experienced Professional Engineers, Registered Architects and Commercial Construction Managers. Guardian National specializes in commercial building inspections only. The company performs commercial building inspections from the metropolitan New York area to Boston and all areas in between. David and his TEAM are highly experienced in construction & building inspections and they are trained specifically in commercial building inspections, engineering, building systems and building codes.

Commercial building inspections differ greatly from residential inspections and are far more complicated. Since it is virtually impossible for each inspection to
be performed by a single inspector, Guardian National has a TEAM (Technical Expertise And Management) of inspectors who perform inspections on specific portions of commercial buildings, such as elevators, sprinkler systems, mechanical system etc.

Each PCA inspection is based on the widely recognized ASTM (American Standards for Testing Materials) Guideline 2018 for “Baseline Property Condition Assessments”, which is divided into the following steps;

• Document review including building plans, maintenance records etc.

• Perform a walk-through survey of the premises to establish overall property condition and compliance

• Prepare an opinion of costs for immediate and long term repairs and replacements

• Document the findings of the above in a written report


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